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Chair Massage Rates

Chair Massage is the modernized version of massage, developed to bring massage to any environment--from the workplace to the Tupperware party to the sales convention. A chair massage is performed is a specialiy designed chair that allows the massage therapist to work the client's shoulders, entire back, arms and hands. A chair massage is generally of a shorter duration and is intended to help relax and rejuvinate the client. Chair massage can performed in my private office, or I can bring my massage chair to your party or event for a flat hourly fee.  

The rate for chair massage is $1.00 per minute when performed in my office. Or $70 per hour when performed at your location or function. (Travel rates may apply for services brought to your location or function.) When bringing chair massage to your location or function, there are various ways of providing that service--it might be offered as an employer-paid benefit to your employees, as a "party favor" for your event guests, or you may have each client pay a portion of the fee. Please feel free to ask for ideas if you are unsure of how to bring this service to your employees or event.

Chair Massage:  At my office

15-minute Chair Massage  $ 25
30-minute Chair Massage  $ 45 


Event Chair Massage:  At your location
(Travel charges are are determined based on location.) 

One-hour block  $ 90

Three-hour block  $250
Additional one-hour blocks  $ 90